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Selfie Photobooth in Durban with Instant Sharing for Birthdays, Corporate Events and Functions  

The Selfie Pod

The Digital Selfie Photobooth eXperience in Durban, Umhlanga & Ballito & KZN

Selfie Pod Photobooth for Digital Photos and Instant Sharing in Durban, Ballito and Umhlanga KZN

What is the Selfie Pod Photobooth?

Welcome to the ultimate Selfie Pod Photobooth experience from Photobooth LAB. Our state-of-the-art Selfie Pods are designed to take your event to the next level, offering a fun and interactive way to capture unforgettable moments and memories for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays or any special occasion. The Selfie Photobooth is compact and has a great LED Ring light and utilizes an Apple iPad to shoot instant, digital photos. 
Our Selfie Pods are guaranteed to bring endless entertainment and create lasting memories for you and your guests.

How Do I get my Photos?

The Selfie Photobooth has the option of Digital only or Digital and Print.  Printing is an option with all the Selfie Photobooth Packages. Photobooth LAB offer many different sharing facilities. Once your Photo has been taken and is ready for viewing, you have the option of sending this to yourself via SMS, Email, QR Code, Whatsapp and Airdrop. The Choice is yours.  We also deliver all the Photos to the client via an online Digital gallery. This means you can download all your Photos in a single click. 


• Unlimited photos (Optional Printing)
• Variety of props Included
• Compact Photobooth design
• Backdrops available
• Green screen optional (Fees apply)
• Instant sharing via SMS, Airdrop, Email & Whatsapp
• Online Digital Gallery

Why the Selfie Photobooth?

The Experience

Our selfie pod Photobooths are sleek, modern add style to your event. Equipped with Ring-Light lighting and an Apple iPad along with a user-friendly interface.  The intuitive touch screen allows guests to choose from a variety of fun filters and effects, letting their creativity shine as they strike poses and capture candid moments.
Its all about the experience!

Unlimited FUN

Say goodbye to traditional closed-style photo booths with limited space and capacity. Our selfie pods are spacious and open, allowing group shots of all sizes—so whether it's a solo selfie or a group photo with all your friends, everyone can join in the fun. With unlimited use throughout the event, guests can come back as many times as they like, ensuring that no moment goes uncaptured.


Instantly share your photos! Our selfie pods are equipped with the latest technology to offer a range of sharing options. From instant prints and custom photo strips to digital sharing via email and social media, you and your guests can cherish and spread the joy of the event in real time. Every snapshot is a keepsake, ensuring that the memories created are as shareable as they are unforgettable.


Make the most of your event with our customized branding options. Whether you're promoting a corporate logo, hashtag, or event theme, our selfie pods can be tailored to reflect your brand identity and create a seamless, personalized experience for your guests. From start screens to branded photo templates, every detail can be customized to ensure that your event's unique personality shines through in every snapshot.

Choose a Backdrop

Need a backdrop? Add a backdrop of your choice to your booking.
We also offer Green Screen so you're not limited to any particular backdrop. 

The Colourful Dot Backdrop for Photobooths in Durban Ballito and KZN
Gold Sequins Backdrop for Hire with Photobooths in Durban KZN Midlands
Gold Glitter Backdrops and Photobooths in KZN - Durban Photobooths for Hire in KZN Midlands, Durban, Umhlanga and Ballito
Rose Gold Backdrops with Photobooth for Hire in KZN

Share your Selfie?

Instant Sharing Photobooth in Durban, Ballito Umhlanga and KZN - Instant Social Media Sharing

What is an iPad Sharing Kiosk

An iPad Sharing Kiosk is, in its nature, an iPad based sharing station which allows guests to share their Photobooth photo or video instantly to various different platforms.
Our iPad sharing kiosks offer several benefits when booking your Photobooth with us. Our Kiosks are available to hire with the Selfie Pod Photobooth, Retro Photobooth and the SPIN360 Videobooth.  

How does the iPad Sharing Kiosk work?

 iPad Sharing Kiosk  syncs with all our Photobooths and is an optional extra to ensure quick sharing at your event. The System instantly sends your Photo or Video via many different platforms.  Prefer Email? We can do it!

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