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• The Provider – Photobooth LAB
• The Customer – The person(s) and/or entity booking and/or enquiring about services provided by Photobooth LAB
The following contract and its terms will set forth an agreement between the provider and the customer for the hire of the photo booth. This written contract sets forth the full, written intention of both parties and supersedes all other written and/or oral agreements between the parties.

• A Booking Fee secures the event date and the balance is required within 7 days prior to your event date. 100% payment is required if your booking is less than 7-10 working days in advance.
• If the client requires the use of the equipment for a time period in excess of the hire period agreed, the additional time will be billed to the customer at the following rates:
     • R1250 per additional hour of use to be paid prior to the hour/s being rendered.
     • A fee of R295.00 will be charged if you would like the original individual photos from the Booth. 
        The Photostrips or Postcards will be delivered FREE OF CHARGE via a Digital Link
     • R250.00 per hour Idle hours. (Idle hours – package hire runs as consecutive hours. Idle Hours apply for Hours 
        BEFORE your Booking starts)
     • R350.00 per hour for pre or site meetings - This excludes Travel to the venue which will be charged seperately.
     •  R250.00 re-design fee will be charged for changes made to the template - We allow for 2 FREE changes to your artwork.
• We reserve the right to charge a 50% administration fee if the client requires the provider to complete Vendor documents / website registeration /CIPC/BEE documents registered prior to written confirmation and does not proceed with he booking.
This Fee is not applicable if the service is confirmed and secured with the provider.  This fee is to be paid to the provider within 7 days of invoice.

• The photo booth takes approximately 45 minutes to setup.
• Should you require the Photobooth moved during your booking, a fee of R500 will be added to your invoice.
• We will arrive approximately 60 minutes before the start time of hire to set up. Should you require earlier setup the idle hour fee of R250 per hour will apply. Should the photobooth location be within the area where formalities will be taking place, we cannot be held responsible should there be a slight disturbance during this time due to setting up. Although we endeavour to setup and breakdown without causing a disruption, this isn’t always possible. In this case we urge you to book idle time to ensure the photobooth is setup before formalities begin, or alternatively allocate an area near an entrance/exit of the venue.
• The Provider is not liable for any delays in service that may be caused by, but not limited to;
       •  Traffic delays
       •  Power outages / loadshedding
       •  Unsuitable setup location
• Our "FULL DAY" Packages are available anytime from 7am - 5pm, Monday to Sunday. A customized Quote will be sent to you if your event times require our teams to finish after 5pm.

In the event of any cancellation for whatsoever reason, your booking fee paid is non-refundable. This fee secures your date and all admin and correspondence related to your booking.
The client is required to sign and return the packages and booking form. Should this form not be signed, but services in any way are rendered by The Provider, or any money is paid to The Provider,  it is deemed that the client is in agreement with these terms and conditions as here set, and an agreement is binding as if the client had physically signed the acceptance form.

If your event has been paid for in Full, and is cancelled for whatsoever reason. Your booking fee remains non-refundable.
Please see the sliding scale below for your cancellation fee:

: If a function is cancelled 6 months or more prior to the confirmed function date, 20% cancellation fee of the balance amount (as per the original quote - Travel costs not included) is due is payable.
:: If a function is cancelled 5 months prior to the confirmed function date, 30% cancellation fee of the balance amount (as per the original quote - Travel costs not included) is due and payable.
: If a function is cancelled 4 months prior to the confirmed function date, 40% cancellation fee of the balance amount (as per the original quote - Travel costs not included) is due and payable.
: If a function is cancelled 3 months prior to the confirmed function date, 50% cancellation fee of the balance amount (as per the original quote - Travel costs not included) is due and payable.
: If a function is cancelled 2 months prior to the confirmed function date, 75% cancellation fee of the balance amount (as per the original quote - Travel costs not included) is due and payable.
: If a function is cancelled 1 month prior to the confirmed function date, 100% cancellation fee of the total account is payable (as per original quote - Travel costs not included) is due and payable immediately. The client must confirm all changes and cancellations in writing. 

• In the event of a national disaster preventing your function to go ahead, We will endeavour to postpone your function to a date I am available on. If we cannot agree on a future date we are all available on, the Booking Fee paid will be considered a cancellation fee and will not be refundable.
If the event is cancelled completely, the booking fee paid will be considered a cancellation fee and will not be refundable.

• The client has the option of postponing their Wedding or Event to a further date. The booking fee is held for up to 12 months. During this time, the client has ONE (1) Penalty Free transfer of date thereafter any changes in dates require the client to rebook and pay a new booking fee.
• We reserve the right to an increase in fees due to annual increases or a different scope of work.
• Should you wish to cancel your event and not opt for a postponement, your Booking Fee will be forfeited.
• This clause [CANCELLATIONS DUE TO PANDEMIC (COVID19)]is only applicable as per hard-lockdown disaster management regulations.

• Provider agrees to have a Photo Booth operational for a minimum of 80% during this period; operations may need to be interrupted for maintenance of the photo booth (e.g restocking photo paper and ink, minor repairs, minor malfunctions of equimpent and/or hardware).
• In the unlikely event that the Provider is unable to supply a working photo booth for at least 80% (including occasional maintenance time) of the agreed service time, depending on the conditions we will stay for a longer time period to compensate for the lost time.
If the printer fails to print out the photos on site, the Provider will print all photos saved from the event and delivered it to the Customer free of charge.

• The Customer assumes complete responsibility for any loss of or damage to the Provider’s equipment (other than fair wear and tear) caused by any misuse of the equipment by the Customer, their employees or their guests.
• The Customer shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to the Provider’s equipment caused by Theft, Fire, Flood or Accidental Damage.
• Should the Photobooth equipment including but not limited to, the Photobooth Unit, The Printer, Backdrop and Backdrop Stands, SPIN 360, mobile device or Base - The Customer will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement within 7 days of your event. 
• Our Backdrops are given to you, the client to hire at no cost with any of our Photobooth Printing Pacakges. Should a Backdrop you have reserved be damaged prior to your event, we reserve the right, at our discretion/availability to select a backdrop best suited to your theme/template choice.
• Should our backdrops be damaged in any way including Wine/Alcohol/Soft drinks or foods, a fee of R4500.00 will be invoices to you the client for immediate payment.
• Damaged Props will be charged at R95 per item. We reserve the right to withhold any digital imagery until this fee has been settled. 

• Any request to alter the agreed date of the rental of the Photo Booth must be made in writing and at least thirty (30) days prior to the Customer’s event.
• Any change of date is subject to the availability of the Provider on the alternative date and receipt of a new booking confirmation. We reserve the right to charge a new booking/travel fee/ for any changes made to your booking after your booking form or fee has been received.
• Photobooth or SPIN360 Packages can be upgraded to increased hours however should you wish to downgrade to less hours than originally booked, no refunds will be granted. 
• In the event of any pandemic preventing you in accordance with government laws from a gathering/event, We offer all bookings ONE (1) Complimentary postponement. Thereafter,  a new booking fee will be required. 
 • In the evening that Gatherings/events are allowed, in accordance to governmental laws, and your date is changed or postponed, we reserve the right to charge the above cancellation fees and request a booking fee for the new date.

• The Customer will arrange for an appropriate sized space for the Photo Booth at the event venue. Photo Booth Specs are: 3m x 3m x 3m. Approx. a 4 x 3m area, along with a regular power outlet is needed.
• We will also require access to the venue 1 hour prior to the event.
• We also require a table for the Props to be layout.
• Templates & artwork is required 2 weeks prior to your event date.  We allow for 2 changes in your template/artwork - thereafter a fee of R250 per change will apply. 
• The photobooth needs to be situated indoors, or in a covered area which is wind and rainproof. An alternative indoor location must be pre-arranged should an outdoor area no longer be suitable.
• The Customer is responsible for providing adequate power within 15m from the Photo Booth to run our equipment. We do not have battery backup for the photo booth so please confirm with your venue that they do.
• The Provider cannot be held responsible in the event of mechanical failure of equipment. The provider will take all necessary steps to rectify such situation with backup equipment.
• Children – please note unaccompanied children, will be limited to a maximum of 3 photos each (not applicable to children’s parties)


In the unlikely event that the Provider is unable to supply the originally booked equipment and/or service due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, equipment theft, failure/damage, staff shortage etc. The Provider will try and make alternate arrangements by either substituting equipment or setups in order to still accommodate the booked service or the Provider will outsource to a trusted third party who will render a similar service on behalf of the Provider. If the Provider is unable to substitute, replace or make any alternative arrangements for your booking, only then will a refund be considered / issued to the Client. Should any additional costs be incurred due to substitutions and/or replacements, the Provider will carry the costs that are within reason.


The Provider will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour to any of our staff or abuse of the booth or booth equipment. If this occurs the Provider retains the right to terminate the hire immediately. This applies equally to you and your guests. the Provider may terminate the hire in cases where our staff feel the equipment belonging to the Provider or the booth itself is in danger of being damaged or has been damaged due to the actions or unruly behaviour of you or your guests. Wherever possible and reasonable to do so we will speak with you or the venue first to try to resolve the matter before any termination is enacted. If we do terminate, for any reason, the full cost of hire will remain due and we will not issue any refunds for any period of hire not provided.
The Provider will not accept or deem acceptable any forms of intimidation, harassment, hate speech or discrimination of any sort towards any person or entity associated with The Provider either currently or in the past.
The Client may not use any documentation, images or communication of any sorts between The Client and The Provider in order to leverage a better price from any competitors. The Client may also not disclose any of the information exchanged between the two parties (Provider and Client) as this is deemed privileged at all times, before, during and after any booking.
The Provider reserves the right to cancel any booking and at any time prior and / or during the booking should any of the terms in this document be broken and / or not upheld by The Client.

The Provider cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include, but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicles, sickness or equipment failure. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfil your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances, our liability will be limited to the refunding of all of monies paid.
•  Cancellations due to natural disasters or declared national disasters are beyond our control will be dealt with on an individual basis. We reserve the right to reschedule the date with no penalty fees to a later date. Our Cancellation clause applies if you, the client refuses this option. 
• No refunds will be made if there is load shedding and/or unscheduled electricity power cuts and/or due to events beyond the Provider’s control.

The Customer agrees to, and understands the following:
• The Customer will indemnify the Provider against any and all liability related to the Customer’s Event and use of the Provider’s equipment.
• The Customer will indemnify the Provider against any and all liability associated with the use of any pictures taken at the Customer’s event by the Photo Booth or by its operatives, employees or affiliates.
• All persons using the Photo Booth at the Customer’s Event hereby gives to the Provider the right and permission to copyright and to reproduce or otherwise use any photographic portraits or pictures of any Photo Booth user who may be included in whole or in part, via any or all media now or hereafter known for illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, or for any other purpose.
• In addition, the Customer, hereby releases, discharges and agrees to maintain the Provider free from any liability arising out of the taking of said picture or any subsequent processing or publication thereof including, without limitation, any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.
• The Standard Props are a free addition to the photo booth hire and if for any reason the free additions are not working or available, the Customer is not entitled to a refund.
• The Customer hereby acknowledges and understands that the Provider has no obligation to correspond by means of telephone, social media platforms or in person. The Customer understands and acknowledges that the formal form of communication is via email and that the Provider will respond to any request, queries and communications when the Provider is able. The Provider is under no obligation to respond to any correspondence immediately and / or within any time period demanded, requested and / or stated by the Customer.
• The Customer understands and acknowledges that design work of any Photo Booth related matters are only done between seven (7) and fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the Customer’s event. The Provider is under no obligation to provide design work at any time prior to the aforementioned days. 
• Should you require any artwork designed (eg: Your Wedding Invite replicated onto a Template) - This artwork will be charged at R250.00 per Strip / Postcard Design
• The Customer has the option of designing the artwork/templates for their booking and will be provided with the dimensions required. This Artwork is required 10 days prior to your booking. We reserve the right to use blank artwork should this not be sent to us within this timeframe. 

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