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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to our Photobooths as well as the services we offer.  
Please feel free to pop us an email if your answer is not listed below.

How much space is required for the booth?
The booth requires a space of approx 2.8m x 2.8m and can fit between 1 and 15 persons at any one time (You keen to set a new record??)

Are your backdrops Free or do we hire them separately?
We offer our range of backdrops FREE with any 3 hour or more Printing or Hashtag Package. 

Do you hire your backdrops out without having to book any of your photobooths?
No, unfortunately we do not hire out any of our backdrops. Backdrops are only available when booking any of our Photobooth Packages.

What else is required?
A regular electric outlet and a small table for our props. We will also need access to your venue about 1 hour prior to the event.

Can I split up my photobooth hours?
Of course you can, we have made provision for this and introduced Idle Hours. For every hour you wish to have the booth off and not in-use, you will be charged an "Idle hour" this means you can have the booth on only at the times you wish - this will maximize your usage and allow you to fully take advantage of the photobooth.

Is there a minimum hire time?
The standard PhotoBooth hire is for 2 hours – This would be suitable for an event of approx 30-70 guests - Should you have more guests attending , we suggest a 3 hour package or more - (You get yourself a FREE BACKDROP with any 3 hour or more package)

How does the booth work?
The Guests simply stand against the backdrop and listen to one of our friendly assistants as they explain the procedure BUT its simple - Watch the Screen, Wait for the countdown, & SMILE!!
The camera takes 3 or 4 photos (depending on your choice) approx 4 seconds apart. Your photo appears on the screen once its been taken and proceeds to the next one. On completion, your photo is printed instantly.

We love your Backdrops but can we use these outdoors?
Unfortunately our backdrops are for indoor use only. As you can imagine, a backdrop of this size acts as a wind sail and more than liekly gets blown over and damaged. Should you have a verandah area, undercover, with a solid wall or backing, an attempt can be made to setup a backdrop.

Can I get copies of the photo’s?
Our standard package includes a duplicate set of photostrips or 1 x Postcard Photo. Extra copies can be added to your invoice should you require this. With any of our packages you will also receive a Digital Link via email. 

What happens to the all the original photos? Can we have them?
Yes, of course you can. A digital link will be sent to you with all the photostrips however all the original images are saved and can be put onto a USB drive. WE offer the following:
: USB Drive: R150 per drive - We will load all your Original photos, GIF's, Boomaerangs etc onto the drive including your Photostrips

How many photo’s are taken per hour?
This depends on the template design configuration but we can print up to 70 photos per hour
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